Success Strategies for Working Students: The ‘Learn and Earn’ Baker’s Dozen

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Coming soon will be the newest book from the Workforce Institute at Kronos, “Elements of Successful Organizations.” Joyce Maroney, their ever-energetic leader, has been the driver of a host of interesting dialogs on the state of workforce development and effective engagement of employees. Check out their website at for more on their continuing good work. I had the pleasure of writing the concluding chapter in this book, entitled “Success Strategies for Working Students: The ‘Learn and Earn’ Bakers Dozen.” Joyce gave me licence not to write the chapter for people managers, but for the people themselves–working students in particular. It’s a quick review of 13 key success strategies drawn from research and practice aimed at helping students learning and earning–progressing through higher education while working–move faster down their pathways to possibility. From getting clear to getting tenacious to getting smart about choosing the colleges or universities they attend, the strategies outlined in this short chapter are intended to help working learners begin to ask hard questions early and often. Joyce has the chapter up on the WFI blog here, and the printable version is available here. I hope the piece helps start good conversations in your company or educational institution. More important, however, the intent is to help working learners start well and finish strong on their learning journeys. Enjoy!
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