The Rise of Co-Curricular Innovation in Student Success Work: The Student Transformative Learning Record

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College is more than a collection of classes. Indeed, at its best, a student’s time in a college or university is about engaging an array of transformative experiences that includes classes. Faculty engagement, mentor guidance, peer connections, events, activities, athletics, research, internships, projects, clubs, and more can be part of a curated and serendipitous mix of experiences that deepen the learning, power the life, or jump-start the career of a rising student. This is the basic idea behind the work of the University of Central Oklahoma’s Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR). In the podcast that follows, I’m joined by Dr. Don Betz, president emeritus, and Dr. Jeff King, executive director, Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning (CETTL), at the University of Central Oklahoma. They take the time to explore the philosophy behind, implementation strategies around, and impact data about this work. Long story short, it’s a powerful idea that engages faculty members, student-success professionals, and students in a meaningful dialogue about improving and deepening college and university learning. STLR has been a difference maker in a host of ways, not the least of which has been a double-digit bump in persistence for participants. Moreover, employers and university advisors rave about this enrichment-centric approach, particularly for first-generation and “at-promise” populations (as they call them). It seems moving from a hyper focus on students “at-risk” on their learning journeys to an aspiration of more students “at-enrichment” makes a significant difference for striving students. Take the time to listen in this holiday season as STLR seems to be a gift that keeps giving for students and the colleges and universities that serve them! For those who use ApplePodcast, click here: Catalytic Conversations Apple Podcast For those who want to access the podcast via SoundCloud, click here:

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