Podcast: With Robert Strazzarino on Mission-Driven Millennials

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One of the more intriguing things about the emerging entrepreneurial landscape is the rise of mission-driven millennials, especially in the ed-tech world. This group of talented and determined recent graduates, or soon-to-be graduates, are striving to make a difference in the lives of those who follow. A perfect example of this dynamic is Robert Strazzarino, the founder of College Scheduler. He exudes a contagious enthusiasm powered by some serious smarts. A few years ago, Robert was a California State University, Chico (“Chico State”), computer science major. He was seriously struggling with identifying the right course sections to accommodate his own busy schedule, and decided there must be a better way. Instead of succumbing to the frustration and taking only the classes that were easy fits (or worse, dropping out altogether as some do) he dedicated several late nights and creative lines of code to solving the problem. He stood up a smarter system that took college scheduling into the 21st century. His solution, Schedule Planner, allowed him (and soon other Chico State students) to enter the courses they needed and wanted, along with preferences or constraints around work or life obligations, and with one click, reveal all compatible schedules for their coming semester. Halfway through his senior year half of the students and advisors at Chico State were using his Schedule Planner app.
Headshot Robert Strazzarino

Robert Strazzarino, founder of College Scheduler

As you’ll hear in this podcast, from there the audience grew. Today, a few short years later, his solution has been used for course scheduling across the U.S. by more than 3.5 million students. We’ll talk about why there’s a need for recent grads/rising ed-tech entrepreneurs to get into the mix, particularly with changing technology and ever-increasing completion challenges. In addition, Robert offers some inspiring advice for other game changers looking to bring new products and solutions to bear on the ed-tech landscape. Civitas Learning acquired College Scheduler in January of 2016, and it continues to be led by the vision and enthusiasm of Robert Strazzarino who is continuously adding new features and functionality to make it a must-have option for students and advisors. Take a listen and see what got him fired up to change the way college and university students experience the scheduling and registration process.

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