Podcast: Laura Malcolm Shares Community Insights Report Findings

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There’s been a lot of buzz around our Community Insights Report. We offered the first of these reports in June 2016, with aggregated data from 2 million student records. The data revealed some interesting trends and emerging benchmarks, including a new understanding of the predictive power of certain foundational courses toward graduation, and the phenomenon of high GPA departure. In December, we issued the second Community Insights Report – this time diving deeper into the data with 4 million student records. What our community is learning together is profoundly affecting our traction in improving student success, and the decisions we are making in implementing policy and practice that supports clearer, stronger pathways to the finish line. Leading the research is our Senior VP of Outcomes and Strategy, Laura Malcolm. She and I recently recorded a webinar unpacking the findings from our second report and today, to facilitate your busy schedules, I’m sharing the information in a podcast. It’s a compelling topic and I’m excited to share the conversation with you. Whether it’s on your commute or your workout, now you can dive in and learn more about these topics:
  • Which Engagement Matters Most. Our research shows four types of LMS activity that are consistently more predictive of student success than others, including attendance and course material engagement.
  • Deeper Insights on High GPA Departures. 98 percent of institutions in this study are losing more students with GPAs above 2.0 than below. Moreover, high-GPA leavers (3.0-4.0) account for almost 44 percent of non-persisting students. We dive in for a deeper look at this new silent majority leaving our institutions in huge numbers.
  • Predictive Value of College Admissions Considerations. We explore the predictive value that high school performance data have in comparison to admissions tests like the SAT and ACT.
The webinar slides: Community insights issue 2 I Civitas Learning from Civitas Learning The podcast:

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