Jeff Selingo Podcast: Leaning In and Leading In to Higher Education

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Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of higher education’s key provocateurs, prognosticators, and pundits, Jeff Selingo. Thankfully, he’s not the all-too-common higher-education commentator that promises catastrophe just to drive click bait. No, Jeff and those with whom he works are looking hard at challenges, and even harder at solutions. Moreover, he’s got a thing for leaders that are willing to see the challenges clearly and work hard to drive change that makes a difference. This conversation happened at our Civitas Learning Summit. As the dialogue takes shape, we explore the changing face of higher education, the push towards increasing completion outcomes, the growing expectations around post-graduation success, and the need for leaders willing to ask tough questions, drive substantive change, and move beyond the emerging careerism that could cause problems on the road ahead. Take the time to take a listen. This podcast is sure to get conversations going for those ready to lean in and lead in to the world of higher education. If you want even more from Jeff, check out the FutureU podcast, which he co-hosts with Michael Horn!  

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