Getting the Scouting Report on the Road Ahead in Higher Education

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mark panel educauseI recently had the pleasure of sharing some stage time with a couple of good-trouble-makers and notable leaders in education at the EDUCAUSE conference in Anaheim. In our special session, John O’Brien (President, EDUCAUSE), Ron Reed (Executive Producer, SXSWEdu) and I took the time to unpack the promise and perils of the trends at hand in our fast-changing field, providing a version of a scouting report for the road ahead in education. It was especially impactful to get Ron’s view from the international conferences that have brought him in to speak. We’ve reached a point where there is more that joins us in our common cause to help more students succeed than anything that separates us, even geographically. From Moscow to Singapore to Minneapolis, there is a call to provide more individualized support in next-gen learning environments. And perhaps most exciting after decades supporting higher ed innovation, we have moved from rhetoric to strategic action where we are not only trying and testing, but learning how to effectively measure results to understand which initiatives are working and for whom. And though our cause is common, what we each bring to the table is profoundly unique. The possibilities in this work are inspiring. So is the responsibility – and that’s where John’s voice and vision plays a large role. He is the master of the measured and thoughtful process of challenging the academic, IT, facilities, and planning leaders to come together around a common cause–especially in building out next-generation infrastructures to improve and expand learning. Take a quick read or a full viewing. It’ll be worth the time! You can watch video of the panel and read more here in the Civitas Learning Space.      

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