Collaborate to Catalyze: Conversations on the University Innovation Alliance (UIA)

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 When the University Innovation Alliance (UIA) began its work, the mission was clear: form a cutting-edge coalition of large public universities committed to increasing the number and diversity of college graduates. Beginning in 2014, this collection of dedicated universities with motivated leadership and talented teams gathered to lead change, learn together, and tell their stories. From Arizona State University to University of California at Riverside, the eleven member institutions agreed to work together and work out loud as they explored a range of tools and strategies, including analytics, advising, and so much more. The podcast that follows dives into the work of UIA with their hard-charging Executive Director, Bridget Burns. Bridget has quickly become a nationally known, passionate, and vocal champion of substantive change aimed at helping more, and more diverse students succeed on their higher education pathways. Take the time to listen in as she unpacks the why and how of UIA, and the policy and practice change that is already in the works!

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