On Charlottesville, Hope, and Hard Work

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America, at its best, is a country of hope and hard work. In that vein, I hope that:
  • We all send our love and prayers to the friends and families of those killed or injured in the violence of Charlottesville.
  • We all recognize that the philosophies that under-gird Neo-Nazi’s and White Supremacists are evil and deeply dangerous; that their leaders and exploiters (i.e., those who make money and gain power from their beliefs) prey on the disaffected and angry, and play to their worst instincts.
  • Events like Charlottesville shake awake those who are wrapped up in this hate and show them that these groups, and the words and deeds they embrace, are not a path to make their lives, communities, or country better. Rather, it’s hate and blame to the core, which is a road to nowhere. 
  • We respond forcefully to this evil, but also in a way that makes it more likely that fewer people are ever drawn to these leaders, but instead are inspired by the possibilities of love and community–especially for those of us who claim faiths and philosophies rooted in love and community.
  • And, finally, that our leaders realize the deep pain and symbolic power of this moment and clearly call out evil, reiterate the values that point to us to a better America, and do the work necessary to make these incidents fewer and farther between, if not a distant, distant memory. 
Now it’s time, especially for those of us who champion education as a means to change the world in the best way, to take this hope and do some hard work . . . 

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