Winter Summit 2015 | Partner Talk Show, Keynote and Break-Outs Share Insights


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We want to thank our partners from more than 50 institutions who joined us for our Winter Summit attended by more than 200 higher education leaders. The conversations and engagement around our shared commitment to student success was inspiring. Special highlights of this Summit included a Partner Talk Show with specific use cases of Illume™ insights, a keynote conversation with Jason Palmer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, four break-out sessions for deeper shared learning, and five energetic Analytic Catalytic speakers. We will be sharing content from the Summit here in the Civitas Learning Space and in our YouTube Channel. We look forward to our next opportunity to gather in September. Save the dates: September 23 and 24 in Austin!

Keynote Conversation with Jason Palmer

The event kicked off this year with a keynote conversation with Jason Palmer, Deputy Director of Postsecondary Success at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Palmer shared the Foundation’s commitment to data and software for transforming education innovations. Watch the video to see Jason speaking to the power of personalized learning and investing in courseware. He described courseware as a continuous set of learning modules that have been instructionally designed to actually lead to whatever outcome is desired, be it completing a course, or a set of competencies. He told how over time, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had invested more than $50 million in digital teaching and learning. “What we’ve discovered is if you do just a little bit of software, but stay mostly with the traditional class – no improvements,” he said. “But, If you do very serious, intensive courseware with personalized learning, assessing and feedback – big difference in outcomes… almost a whole grade level in outcomes.” Listen as he and host Mark Milliron explore innovations across education.

Partner Talk Show

This Summit’s Partner Talk Show included insights around Illume™ implementations from three institutions at various stages of implementation. Paul Dosal from University of South Florida, Angela Baldasare from the University of Arizona, and William Serrata from El Paso Community College discussed their involvement and actions from phase I initial questions and planning, through phase II implementation and insights, and into phase III action based on insights.

Specific Illume® Use Cases

Angela Baldasare from University of Arizona provided examples of important actionable insights from their Illume™ implementation. Illume turned the lights on an institution-specific retention problem by identifying a unlikely high-risk group of non-resident, relatively high GPA female students the university had not previously realized as a significant population in their retention risk analysis. By having the data in real time, the university was able to provide outreach and interventions directly to the students before the semester ended, with most of the cohort successfully completing. William Serrata from El Paso Community College shared multiple findings including the importance of early and late registration dates for retention, with Illume™ identifying a tipping point at 22 days prior to course start. He also identified a significant population for intervention specific to his institution that had previously been unidentified for outreach.

From a Culture of Blame to a Culture of Wonder

Partners talked about moving from a culture of blame to a culture of wonder. As Paul Dosal noted, Illume™ sheds insights that lead the teams at these universities to ask questions they had not previously thought of. As actionable insights are coming to the forefront, all are seeing increased demand and interest from across their institutions. They shared examples of cross-functional teams now seeking to improve their student enrollment and retention strategies by actively engaging with Illume™.

Watch the complete Partner Talk Show and learn more about the important work these institutions are doing in real time by getting the right intervention to the right students.

Breakout Sessions

Summit also included break out sessions this year. You can visit the Civitas Learning Slideshare channel to access the slide decks used in these presentations.

slide1 Learn more about leading in the age of analytics from Linda Baer and Mark Milliron’s presentation.
slide3See what Austin Community College did with Degree Map ™ to help students take ownership of their learning journeys.
See and Share the Photos

Photos from the Summit are also available on the Civitas Learning Facebook Page.


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