Upcoming Webinar: Unpacking Part -Time Student Insights


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Taking a step back and understanding how we help all of our students make the most of their education journey is far from easy. We know. We all often fall prey to focusing on what we are forced to measure most — first-time, full-time students — rather than forming a full picture of our diverse students and their diverse needs. Data from more than 1.4 million student records revealed specific insights on part-time students. In this report we focus on better understanding the current state and potential for enhanced support for part-time students, many of whom tend to be nontraditional or post-traditional students and are a population that’s growing in size and importance across higher education. It is intended to shine a brighter light on these issues and perhaps challenge our assumptions as to our success strategies with part-time students and their potential to finish what they start. On Monday December, 4, our Chief Learning Officer, Mark Milliron and President of Achieving the Dream, Dr. Karen Stout will discuss the Civitas Learning Community Insights, Issue 3. This webinar will highlight the following takeaways:
  • What do we know about part-time students?
  • Should we advise part-time students to load their schedules or should we advise them to take just one more course?
  • How does the persistence gap between part and full-time students vary across the nation and what are institutions doing to address it?
Join the conversation how higher education can engage with this newfound information and better support non-traditional student populations.


Achieving the Dream president, Karen Stout, and Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Civitas Learning, Mark Milliron dive into the findings from our analysis of 1.4 million student records to learn more about the students who attend part-time.

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