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A Survey of September Partner Summit Attendees

At our September 2014 Summit, we asked attendees from our 40 Pioneer Partner institutions to complete the Civitas Learning Pulse Survey. Our goal was to gather information that would provide our partners with benchmarking survey results identifying both the state of the Civitas – our community – in terms of use of predictive analytics, and the dominant issues and challenges our community faces in building organizational capacity for predictive analytics.

Methodology: Attendees were asked to complete a hard copy anonymous survey. No identifiable information such as personal or institution names was included. A total of 74 people completed and returned the survey. Results were compiled and findings are available via the slide show on this page.

Not surprising given the context, all institutions see predictive analytics as important to the long-term strategy of their institution. However, as the survey will show, they find themselves at varying places along the journey, with several at the beginning of the journey to bring predictive analytics to bear to improve student success initiatives at their institutions.

Please read through the slide deck to learn more. If you’d like to learn more about predictive analytics, please give the stories you’ll find here  in the Civitas Learning Space a read.

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