How Systems of Intelligence Enable Institutions to Learn Faster, Achieve Outcomes

Civitas Learning Sustainable Outcomes

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Technology and data have transformed higher education’s ability to address today’s challenges and capitalize on opportunities to use signals from their own student data to provide the differentiated and personalized student experiences that matter. Below is an overview of the three waves seen in systems of intelligence:

  • First Wave – Systems of Record: The digitization of student information, historically captured on paper.
  • Second Wave – Systems of Engagement: The ability of students to interact with content and educators through technology tool to give us a more fine-grained, real-time picture of student engagement in the learning moment and the institution broadly.
  • Third Wave – Systems of Intelligence: Built on top systems of record data and leverages the ongoing streams of data from interactions across systems. The end result is faster learning and outcomes. Imagine learning from every interaction your students have with your institution…

Watch a clip of a partner-only webinar hosted by Co-Founders Charles Thornburgh, Laura Malcolm and Mark Milliron to learn how Civitas Learning is enabling more institutions to build and tap into their systems of intelligence in a way that is not only sustainable, but scalable and driving measurable outcomes.

With the most advanced machine learning feeding the most connected solution set, a deeply experienced services team, and the ability to precisely measure student success impact in-term, Civitas Learning partners walk into work each day with increased confidence and clarity in their decisions, actions and expected impact.

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