Summit 2017 Session Flashback: Using a Student Success Intelligence Platform to Move the Needle

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Vague institutional goals can yield unclear student success outcomes. This was not the case for DeVry University and University of South Florida. These institutions had clearly defined vision for what they wanted to accomplish with student success tools in the hands of stakeholders across their campuses. So what did they do? They made adjustments with the right tools in place. For The University of South Florida, this work has resulted in a dramatic improvement in outcomes around closing the equity gap, increased retention, and increased graduation rates. In our fourth #Civsummit Flashback, we learn how Devry University designed an immersive learning experience to train hundreds of advisors and identify leaders amongst them to use the Civitas Learning Platform to scale and identify opportunities for outreach. This approach resulted in a 100% adoption rate. University of South Florida put in place a Persistence Committee with stakeholders from across the institution who own different areas of the student experience. This take on case management has allowed those who support students to triage issues, using student lists from Illume Students to accurately identify students who need support — in real time — in order to provide the right kind of assistance. To learn how these two institutions are making the most of their Civitas Learning solutions to improve outcomes, earning them national recognition, watch the full video:
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Learn how USF uses data to identify individual students who need support, and enables teams across the institution to connect with them to intervene or inspire as early as the first week of the term. This transformed approach has resulted in the highest first-year retention rate in USF history.

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