Summit 2017 Session Flashback: Taking the Complexity out of Student Outreach

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When it comes to student outreach, we tend to overthink and over complicate a message we send to students because it can sometimes result in little to no action. We lose motivation to reach out to our students because we feel nudging is difficult to implement and we’re unsure of how students might respond. Sound familiar? In this #CivSummit Flashback, Rito Silva, Vice President for Student Affairs at Del Mar College and Michael Chavez, Vice President of Student Success at Lone Star College, both in Texas, share how their institutions took action by executing simple campaigns using Illume Students and achieved significant results. Lone Star College saw a 2.7 percentage point increase from part time to full time enrollment and Del Mar College proved successful with a 31% increase in graduation rates. Seeing the simplicity of these campaigns and the resulting lift in student outcomes has motivated more administrators and advisors to implement new campaigns. Chavez said he can’t even count the number of campaigns currently in progress at their institution. Watch the video to hear the strategies behind the nudging campaigns at Del Mar and Lone Star, what it took to execute them, what individuals and teams were involved, and outcomes measured. Learn how you can implement campaigns like these at your own institution to help more students be successful.
Curious how University of South Florida closed their equity gap and increased their overall graduation rate? Stay tuned to watch Paul Dosal, VP of Student Affairs and Student Success break down their institutional strategy. Related: Learn how a student success intelligence platform can move the needle for Higher Education →


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