Summit 2017 Session Flashback: How to pull off Institution-Wide Change Management

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How do Civitas Learning partner institutions navigate change management? In our second #CivSummit flashback, hear directly from The University of Arizona, Lone Star College and Utah State University to learn more about the strategies they used in this work. It focused on achieving consensus with the use of analytics to scale and personalize student experiences and increase adoption of tools that empower others toward progress. In this recording of their session at Summit 2017, Melissa Vito – Senior Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management & Senior Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives & Student Success, Angela Baldasare, Assistant Provost for Institutional Research at The University of Arizona; Mitchell Colver, Senior Data Analyst at Utah State University, and Marian Chaney, Associate Vice Chancellor for Analytics & Institutional Reporting at Lone Star College discussed:
  • Their work to unite people and departments who don’t work together often — and some that have never worked together before.
  • Strategies to build consensus and get institutional buy-in to do innovative work with analytics.
  • Developing change management frameworks and building cultures that embrace data to improve student outcomes.
One of the key takeaways for all institutions was realizing they were not implementing one more piece of software — they were becoming data literate, and not just adopting software, but making it sustainable. Watch the full conversation below:
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