Increased Student Adoption With New Student Mobile App


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Higher ed students are using mobile phones at an unprecedented rate. In fact, according to a recent study, 94% of students want to use a cell phone for academic purposes. Butler University knew they had an opportunity to meet students where they were and open up opportunities to better connect with their students. Student engagement runs strong at this school, and leadership realized that connecting with students meant more than just delivering general information on a mobile app. After first attempting to solve this with a homegrown solution, they were compelled to re-evaluate after seeing usage numbers. They knew they needed to find a student mobile solution that would work. Now, Butler University has deployed “The Butler App,” which is used by 70% of current students on a monthly basis. Read what steps they took to transition to a new student mobile solution and as a result, increase student adoption and satisfaction with their mobile experience.


Students spend so much time on mobile devices. Butler University, realized that to connect with students, they had to be where they were – on their phones. Find out how Butler transformed student engagement and achieved 70% weekly adoption.

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