Schedule Planner App Helps 17 Advisors Register 6,000 Students at Orientation


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As an emerging research university, Texas State University is growing both the size and the quality of its incoming freshman class. As they do so, they are requiring all new students to attend a two-day orientation.

In the past few years, the number of New Student Orientations has almost doubled while 17 advisors work to ensure each student leaves with the right schedule and the right orientation experience.


Texas State University explains how they pre-register up to 1,000 new freshmen in a single day, weeks ahead of new student orientation. This has increased the number of credits hours completed by students in their first year and improved overall student experience.


Texas State University had to find a way to scale registration so they could advise, orient and register 6,000 students in an eight-week window, while also building their learning communities by registering students with the same majors in the same course sections. They had to simplify one of the most critical points along a student’s pathway to degree: registration.

They have successfully scaled registration and supported their pathways work through the use of Schedule Planner. This application automates the tedious schedule planning process and quickly presents students with every possible schedule option that is open and available for immediate registration. This reduces registration frustrations, while allowing students to maximize credit hours and supports on-time graduation.

Register for the webinar to learn more, and watch the video below to learn how this Texas State University student felt about her experience using Schedule Planner.

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