Insight and Action Analytics in Student Success Initiatives


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Civitas Learning recently hosted a pre-institute workshop at DREAM 2014: The Achieving the Dream Annual Institute on Student Success. We are sharing information from that workshop with the Civitas Learning Space community.
About the Workshop
This workshop took an in-depth look at an analytics strategy for student success initiatives. predictive_analyticsPresenters Charles Thornburgh, Laura Malcolm, and David Kil outlined the importance of grounding the work in insight analytics, using data strategy and advanced statistical techniques to answer “big questions” about student segmentation and how diverse student groups progress on learning journeys in our institutions. Then, they explored the process for enabling a system to ask and answer deeper questions about key loss and momentum points, interaction effects, and the impact of our initiatives now and at scale. Finally, they explored the importance of deploying action analytic strategies that bring data to the front line in the form of intervention protocols, and student, faculty and advisor apps. Most important, the team and session participants examined the importance of learning together in this process about how to deploy action analytics so we get the right data to the right people in the right way to drive greater success for students.
Download the Presentation
In keeping with our goal of Learning Together™, we are offering the rich information contained in our pre-institute workshop’s presentation.

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