Driving data to the front lines

Driving Data to the Front Lines


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In this segment of our leadership team video series, Civitas Learning Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Dr. Mark David Milliron shares his views on the importance of driving data to the front lines. He suggests we use technology to make the human moments precious. Read on to learn more about what that means to us in our work at Civitas Learning.

Using Analytics to Humanize Learning

How do we make the “human moments precious?”

With useful data on the front lines, students can, in the worst-case scenario, realize their situation and assist with their own rescue. In the best cases, they can chart an informed and ambitious learning path for their future.

For us, using data to make the human moments precious presents several opportunities. It may mean using analytics to know when a student might be the most receptive to personal outreach from a professor or advisor. Analytics can help us know the right intervention at the right moment for a struggling student who may otherwise be lost. Certainly, we believe analytics can be used to make appropriate, motivational and timely note of significant achievements, whether the accolades come as faculty-to-student or peer-to-peer support.

Faculty can use data on the front lines to determine what, among the curricula, is best suited to each modality, from online, to group learning, digital to live delivery, based on understanding the how, why and when of student engagement within each learning opportunity.

And, as we are already seeing with our partner institutions, driving the right data to the front lines gives advisors, faculty and students the space and grace to have deeper conversations about the things that really matter, as with our students and advisors currently using Degree Map within our Insights Platform. Rather than organizing papers and files, they can help organize life-changing decisions in meaningful personal conversations that matter.

Front line analytics allow us to recognize students as individuals, and in treating each effectively as such, create an empowered student body that works with their faculty and administrators to emerge as successful graduates.

Dr. Mark Milliron

Dr. Milliron is an award-winning leader, author, speaker, and consultant who has worked in universities, community colleges, foundations, corporations, and associations across the U.S. As Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder of Civitas Learning, he focuses on a wide range of activities for the company, from shaping product development to engaging the education community in leading research projects.

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