Building Data Literacy at Utah State University


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Dr. McIntosh discusses Illume Courses with the USU team.

To kick-off the new academic year, Utah State University recently held their 2017 Analytics Leadership Workshop as an opportunity to introduce Civitas Learning and their Learning Analytics initiative to a wide body of administrators across campus. Having Civitas Learning on-site — with Chief Data Scientist Dave Kil as the keynote speaker, USU was able to showcase the robust solutions now available to advisors, faculty and administrators. Our Research Director Dr. Eric McIntosh closed the workshop by walking attendees through Illume Courses and providing specific use cases for faculty to begin using the tool.

For USU and many of our partners, we know this initiative is much broader than simply implementing tools or technology. That’s why we scaffold their work with resources and research, including campaigns, user guides, webinars and strategic services. And, it’s why we built a community committed to learning together, where our partners have access to regional workshops, networking and regular opportunities to learn from each other and industry experts.

One of my favorite things about USU is their commitment to building data literacy across their campus. For example, they’ve formed semi-monthly sessions, or “Learning Circles” to support their work toward a culture of more data-informed decision making. The topics include program evaluation, academic advising, teaching and learning, and enrollment/retention. For more on this, be sure to visit their Learning Analytics website.

At USU, they firmly believe that success in analytics will be achieved when people work together to achieve multiple, versatile solutions to the problems faced by higher education in the 21st century. As their Senior Partner Success Consultant, I’m honored to do this work with them.

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