Applying Analytics in Healthcare and Education


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In this two-part video interview, Civitas Learning’s Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer Mark David Milliron speaks with Civitas Learning’s Chief Data Scientist David Kil. They discuss the integration of analytics in healthcare, and the promise of predictive analytics in education.

About David Kil

David recently joined Civitas Learning, coming from his role as the chief science officer at HealthCrowd. Prior to HealthCrowd, he founded and was the CEO of HealthMantic, a company focusing on lifestyle-medical informatics. Prior to founding HealthMantic, David was chief scientist at SKT Americas and chief science officer at Humana, responsible for the development and deployment of healthcare informatics applications. At Humana, he led the design and development efforts in enterprise knowledge engine, predictive modeling and outcomes analytics. David holds numerous patents for his data and analytics work in the healthcare and other enterprise sectors.

He has also published or co-published numerous peer-reviewed, academic articles on the topic of analytics and system design, including a book on pattern recognition and prediction published by Springer Verlag.

Video One: Healthcare

Part One explores David’s work with analytics in healthcare. David’s work produced positive results in healthcare, reducing costs and improving patient health and wellness, from increased exercise to weight loss to bio-indicators such as cholesterol levels. Action analytics enabled informed interventions including individualized engagement from one-to-one coach meetings to smart phone apps and more.

Video Two: Education

Part Two examines the potential analytics has to transform education. Mark and David expand on lessons learned in analytics in healthcare that can apply to education, and discuss promising opportunities including the potential to create peer-to-peer cultures, instructive social networks, personalized predictive models, and course -base clustering as ways to apply insights and action analytics in education to engage and inform students, faculty and advisors for increased student success.


Dr. Mark Milliron

Dr. Milliron is an award-winning leader, author, speaker, and consultant who has worked in universities, community colleges, foundations, corporations, and associations across the U.S. As Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder of Civitas Learning, he focuses on a wide range of activities for the company, from shaping product development to engaging the education community in leading research projects.

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