Our Mission…

Together with our growing community of customers, we are making the most of the world’s learning data to help a million more students per year by 2025 learn well and finish strong.

Our Goal

We aim to increase the number of graduates our country needs in order to compete, simultaneously improving the prospects of higher ed students.

The United States must produce roughly one million more graduates a year by 2025 to ensure the country has the skilled workers and entrepreneurial leaders it needs – not to mention more deeply engaged and informed citizens.1


Of the 30 million students in higher ed today, approximately half will graduate, with sizeable disparities based on the income levels of incoming students.

Today, a child born poor in the United States is more likely to remain poor than at any time in our nation’s history. For the first time, we are seeing younger generations that will be less educated than their elders. Many other nations outperform us in economic mobility and education attainment. In addition, there are 37 million adults with some college and no credential, many eager to finish what they started.3

As daunting as the challenge of one million more graduates sounds, we can reach the goal together by helping our community colleges and universities improve outcomes for current students, and find creative new pathways for returning students. Indeed, analysts argue that reaching this goal would increase today’s annual output of associate and bachelor’s degree-holders by about 3.5 percent4 a year for the next decade.

That’s achievable.

Our Core Beliefs

Action informed by insights can be transformational.

Insight analytics include data science strategies that combine hindsight (e.g., data mining) and foresight (e.g., predictive modeling) to guide initiatives in teaching, learning, student support, and institutional management. The data we pull from various systems at a college or university tell diverse stories of student journeys through institutions.

One student’s story is interesting, but looking at these journeys in an ongoing systematic way, involving thousands of students and millions of student records, is a game changer.

Using our cloud-based architecture, we provide a strategic, sustainable, and sophisticated infrastructure to help partner institutions learn when the moment is right to intervene… And when it’s not. Standing on this foundation, institutions can also analyze the impact of their strategic policy changes, as well as validate the efficacy of their student success initiatives. 

Put simply, our work with partner institutions has taught us that action fueled by insight is essential to helping students succeed.


By bringing actionable information and tools to the front lines, we can improve and expand learning pathways for millions of students.

Most data initiatives in higher education are responses to legislation, accreditation, licensure, and reporting. It’s been about ensuring compliance more than completion.

While compliance is necessary, data can have the greatest impact when institutions deploy it on the front lines and empower faculty, and students to improve student outcomes. Intuitively presented data fuel effective personal communications and student achievement; and in the hands of students, help them take greater responsibility for their own success.


We can realize this vision by Learning Together™ across institutions.

We don’t have all of the answers. There’s a lot of work to be done as data initiatives get underway. But we can help institutions interested in the big questions begin to get the answers their data can provide by strategically employing insight and action analytics. Then, we can share our successes across institutions to find the best pathways. But it only works when we learn together.

In fact, the name Civitas means learning as a community. For those joining us on this journey, we are creating a community of institutions learning together with a shared commitment to student success through insight and action analytics.

Together, we’re confident we can help a million more students succeed.


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